Environment Stewardship

A healthy, flourishing environment is the inspiration for our company—we have always been committed to protecting the environment through conservation and sustainable use. We employ environmentally sound practices in everything we do, from our bottling at the source right through packaging and delivery.

Our spring water sources are critical to their ecosystems, and we employ strict resource management practices to ensure that our use is entirely sustainable. We purchase the land that surrounds our natural water sources, allowing us to preserve the health of the ecosystems, springs and groundwater.

Since 1990, we have decreased the use of PET by 25%. Our 16.9 oz bottle now contains just 8.8g of PET and our 1-gallon package contains just 57g, placing us alongside industry leaders. We have also significantly reduced materials used in other packaging including trays, boxes, labels, film and wrap.

Energy conservation is also an integral part of our process. We have outfitted our facilities with energy efficient machinery and lighting. All of our forklifts are propane or battery powered; we use no diesel fuel.

California Coastal Cleanup

- Since 1985 California’s largest annual state wide event brings together volunteers who collect trash and garbage from our Pacific Coast and inland waterways

- CG Roxane has been an active sponsor since 2008.

- Since CG Roxane’s involvement began, over 760,000 volunteers have removed close to 12 million pounds of trash from California’s beaches and waterways, protecting wildlife and water quality.

American Forests

- This national non profit conservation organization, founded in 1875, plants new forests across the country providing clean air, more watersheds, shade for cities and habitat for endangered wildlife.

- CG Roxane has been an active sponsor since 2001 and has funded the planting of 50,000 trees per year.

- By the end of 2021, CG Roxane’s efforts will have planted over 1 million trees.

Crystal Geyser rPET

- 2019 initiative that will change our business practices, benefiting our environment.

- Our Phase One goal is to reach 50% rPET in both of our California bottling plants in 2020. Working with Greater Los Angeles recycling centers, CG Roxane will remove the equivalent of 1 billion plastic bottles per year and reprocess that material into new bottles of Crystal Geyser.